SALT BRIDGE EDUCATIONS :- Salt Bridge Pre School is a name of early learning that turns each Entrepreneur dream into reality, one who wants to start the pre-school program according to the NEP 2020 guidelines and invest their hard-earned money in the futuristic education program and to bring a difference by giving quality education to kids.

Mission :- We are firmly committed to give the upcoming generation of our country a sense of trust, compassion and a value system that helps them become smart as well as good human beings.

Vision :- Our vision is to offer early learning to all children, according to the guidelines of the new education policy. So that every child can achieve holistic improvement.

Our Educational Programme :-

(A)Skills enhancement

(B)Pre Nursery



Why Preschool Business :-

(A) It is not impacted by businees cycle.

(B) A growing Market- awareness for quality preschool/education based growing

(C) All upfront cash inflow business-No credit

(D) No stress of unsold inventory

(E) Low property cost-prime commercial property not required

(F) Easy working timings(9am-2pm)

(G) Holidays as per your children’s holidays

Why Franchise With Salt Bridge :-

(A) Marketing Support

(B) Unique education tools

(C) A program based on future-oriented learning

(D) Advanced books and design with its own content

(E) Launch of Business Support.

(F) Daily Learnings

(G) Admission support

(H) Day by day support

(I) Hand holding support in branch sets up


Franchise USP’s :- 

(A) Language Learning Program.

(B) Speech clarity program

(C) Child developmental infrastructure

(D) Child-oriented program.

(E) Educational approach based on futuristic learning.

(F) Editorial Readiness Program.

(G) Unique educational tools

(H) Creative hands

(I) Sensory garden

(J) Amazing Talk

(K) Overarching development

Brand is Offering Franchise Network Across India.


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