About Us

About Us

It’s said that “the Joy is in the journey.” Such has been the story of Salt Bridge.

Our unique program encompasses child-centered and play-based learning methods. Students at Salt Bridge have the opportunity to explore, hypothesize and discuss their passion and interests, which our facilitators observe and help them to inculcate their imagination. It is all our students’ ideas and passion that guide individual and classroom projects. Our objective is to deeply understand each child’s thinking and supporting them to achieve it. We introduce to beginning literacy, math, and science concept in a nurturing environment. We put forward the program in form of videos and interactive course material. Supported by our incredible staff of educators we achieve engaging instruction methods for our students.

Thus was born "Salt Bridge", pre-school. The rest, as they say, is history, in the midst of the changing landscape of school education in India and abroad.. the journey continues. So does the joy!

Our Mission

To spark the urge to learn in Kids-

At Salt Bridge, our concern is to make students excited about learning and knowing new things. Through this, they choose their interest and can seek a future in them. We make education a fun activity for our kids.

Transfiguration of parenting-

At Salt Bridge, We desire to change the traditional concepts of parenting. We firmly believe in positive parenting so that you can spend and capture some of the most memorable moments with your little ones every day.

A change in society

To change the traditional societal concepts and awaken people from typical mindsets we seek your support to make this world a better place.


To spark the urge to learn in Kids-

Our vision is far-sighted and aims of making our children grow in the positive aspects of life. We make them better people for the future. We instill visionary, cognitive, and vital skills in toddlers that develop future leadership knacks and help them in managing their academic or real-life concerns.
Salt Bridge prepares students to become:

Shalini Singh

Director – Saltbridge Educations


Directors' Message

Welcome to the Saltbridge School website.

The Salt Bridge is a preschool that has its grand opening on March 8, 2021. A kindergarten that welcomes students till 6 years. The Salt bridge has a lot to offer to your kids and to the parents who choose us. In these 2 years, we have had a lot of memorable stories and experiences that helped us to be better at what we are.
Talking about our short history, Salt Bridge has gained a lot of experience with the students which has made our every way worth enjoying. We never had any idea, when our staff, and the students enrolled with us, became our family and hence we leave no aspect to serve the best to them. After all, they are the reason behind our success. Also, the parents, who trusted us enough to choose us.
Our teaching and learning system is planned in a way that covers the holistic development of your little kids. They become innovative, supportive, and ready to face challenges. The pattern our school’s education depends on can be reflected in Salt Bridge’s school’s vision statement of Dream, Believe, and Achieve.
The achievement of this culture relies on the strong sense of community within the school and the establishment of processes where all groups within the school community feel valued, and have a clear role within the operations and decision-making processes of the school.
Significantly, the vision can be acknowledged in the growth and attainment of our faculties and students.
Our students not only experience a rich knowledge environment but also obtain knowledge from highly talented and well-experienced teachers who prepare them for the challenging future and the hard deeds of life.
Thank you for visiting our website. For further information please contact the school administration.

Salt Bridge Team

Maninder Kaur


Sweta Gupta


Tanya Dhiman




Swati Gaur


Richa Shukla


Simi Ma'am


Renu ma'am


Preeti Kumari


Ruby Singh


What Parents Say

Here are some words from parents themselves, applauding “Salt Bridge”. Our hearty gratitude to them for trusting us.

Couldn’t have chosen a better place than “Salt Bridge”. The faculty is so good that I can literally witness the growth in Anaya. The way she has become extraordinary and learns new things quickly is astonishing. I am glad how every team member has put in their efforts for making our kids the smartest at this tiny age. When I see Anaya making her own little decisions, it leaves me with a feeling of pride. All thanks to team “Salt Bridge” ANAYA’S MOTHER – CHITRASH SINHA

I am so thankful to Salt Bridge for providing our kids with genuine facilities. The way the staff treats our kids and guides them with all the required help. Vihan was 18 months old when we decided to send him to preschool and today we see it as one of the best decisions we made for our kids.


I still remember when I use to teach my little kid Mayank when he was just 2 years, he felt it so monotonous. Today he is 2 and attending Salt Bridge pre-school where he feels learning so enjoyable. He always tells me how teachers make him play different skillful activities and make the learning process fun. I am glad that at the right stage of my child, we chose to send him to Salt Bridge, we can see how wonderfully our child is growing.


We have seen a change in Prajakta’s imaginative skills. How creative she has become. Being at so little stage of her life, how she deals with her tiny problems happily. The Salt Bridge has played an important role in this and I am so proud of making the right choice for my little daughter.


The experience with Salt bridge can not be mentioned in words I mean when we can witness the change that has come in our kids after enrolling into this preschool. Currently, we have 2 children enrolled and both have just transformed concerning their creative thinking skills along with their quick grasping skills. Rachel and Kirat and both are doing just mindblowing in academics or other creative skills. I am immensely impressed with SaltBridge.

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